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    Shivani Honwad, Esq.* is a passionate advocate for the rights of women and children. As a student at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Shivani spent the Summer of 2005 interning in Bollywood in Mumbai, India, where she witnessed first-hand the massive destruction of property and extreme devastation caused by the July 26, 2005 monsoon floods. Since then, Shivani has dedicated her education and career to helping those in need obtain the services they deserve. She founded The Law Firm of Shivani Honwad, LLC in 2014 after working in the public and private sectors and clerking for the Chief Judge of the Family Court of Delaware upon graduating from law school. She focuses primarily on immigration and business law for companies in the fashion, tech, travel and entertainment realms. She successfully lobbied to amend Delaware’s state laws to provide better protections to juvenile victims of prostitution and is actively advocating for improved transparency in the modeling industry in NYC. In addition to her business and legal background, as the founder of a few companies and ventures herself, Shivani understands what it takes for entrepreneurs and companies to be successful and thus blends her passion and expertise to help people achieve their dreams.


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    Business and Immigration Law

    Of Counsel

    Fashion Law

    Event & Speaker Series

    Bringing Together Good People for Events and Inspiration​

    Legal Unicorn Society

    Network of socially-conscious lawyers humanizing the practice of law

    Spiffy App

    Spiffy is an app to allow users to have an easy way to dress appropriately when going out so they can feel confident and comfortable​.

    Real Estate

    Licensed NY Real Estate Broker

    Whether you're looking to buy, sell or rent in NYC, Shivani can help you make that process less stressful.

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    What people are saying about Shivani's work:

    Gesche Haas

    Founder of Dreamers//Doers,

    "I've worked with many many different lawyers, and for that

    reason, couldn't recommend Shivani more highly. She is

    straightforward, and cares so much, so sincerely, about the people

    she works with. You can't help but be ecstatic to discuss legal

    matters! I love her ability to focus on what's most important, and

    break it down in a way that is easy to understand, AND fun to

    process. Different from other lawyers, she moves very fast...while

    you feel others are most concerned with maximizing the hours you

    can bill. If you care about results, getting the job done,

    maximizing your ROI on legal investments, you couldn't make a

    better decision, than working with Shivani."

    Dionne Cochrane Perez

    Chic Classy Confident attendee

    "Going to the women's empowerment event Shivani organized and hosted left me recharged and excited about chasing my dreams again. I saw myself in all of the women who were on the panel that night and I wasn't so afraid anymore."

    Aine Rose Campbell

    Fashion model

    "Shivani is an extremely knowledgable and thorough attorney. I chose to work with her on my Green Card application because of her experience with fashion models, artists and celebrities in this area. Throughout the process, she delivered above and beyond her duties, and always answered any questions I had by email or over the phone very quickly.


    I have since sought her legal advice for a new business I was starting, which has proved to be invaluable.


    Shivani is both professional and personable, I could not be happier with my experience. I highly recommend her!"

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